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The rise of VoIP usage during the last few years has led to an increasing amount of security breaches and risks. Fraud isn’t something that we like to think about but as the instances of VoIP fraud have begun to rise, it is more important than ever to stay informed and prepared to avoid the risks.

In general, VoIP fraud activities are often linked to a trend in which hackers access paid communication services using unauthorized methods. That means that service usage is accumulated and charged to an end-user or service provider, without their knowledge. 

While it could be difficult to prevent VoIP fraud from happening, the right knowledge could significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim. After all, there’s more to know about fraud than the fact that it could cost your business millions of dollars.

VoIP Fraud is More Common than Your Probably Think

The instances of VoIP fraud have been on the rise worldwide. Researches indicate that fraud instances have increased by 40% over the last few years in some countries, and the problem is only expected to become more severe as hackers are coming up with new solutions – from traffic jumping to password scanning – for getting their hands on crucial data.

Staying Alert is Crucial

VoIP can happen at any time, to anyone. It is important to note that hackers are more likely to attempt exploits when they believe nobody is watching. Monitoring your system during off-peak hours (during weekends, holidays, and early morning hours) could help you notice potential attacks.

Keep Your System Up to Date

One of the best ways to protect yourself against fraud is to ensure your current software is up to date. Hackers often attempt to use known exploits on certain devices. Making sure your PBX and phone systems are regularly updated could help you patch various vulnerabilities.

Having an Insecure Network Could Cost your Thousands of Dollars

Only 38 % of people surveyed believe that they are prepared in the event of a cyber-attack. If the hacker manages to break into your phone or PBX, they will have everything they need to begin placing high numbers of outbound calls, often to expensive destinations. By the time you catch the hacker, you could find that you have an enormous bill to pay. Ensuring that your network is protected is a great way to protect your business.

Monitoring Systems are Essential

The best solution for organizations that want to minimize the impact of a VoIP attack on their business is to have a monitoring platform in place that keeps you informed when something untoward is happening on your system. SIP3 was designed with this particular need in mind. It can be used as a real-time alert system that can inform you of any abnormal or suspicious traffic so that you can instantly take action.

A Better Way of Blocking VoIP Fraud Attempts

We understand the size of the impact VoIP fraud has on our customers. That is why SIP3 has recently been applying machine learning to better detect fraudulent VoIP traffic activities. In addition to that, we decided to integrate SIP3 with APIBAN – an open source platform for sharing and retrieving a list of fraud IP addresses. 

With the power of SIP3 and APIBAN you can now:

  • See statistics of fraud attempts and determine the size of an attack
  • Analyze SIP messages retrieved from blacklisted IPs
  • Be able to find similar fraud attempts pattern in your own traffic from addresses that are not yet added to your blacklist

The SIP3 – APIBAN integration lets you practice better risk management and allows you to make more informed decisions when it comes to your VoIP network vulnerabilities. If you want to learn more about how to set it up, visit the SIP3 User-Defined Function Documentation.

Do Not Waste Time

Remember that every second counts. Many businesses who became VoIP fraud victims wait until they have already been targeted to start taking precautions. Making sure you have a solid VoIP monitoring and troubleshooting system in place and locking down your network can save your business from a disaster. Why waiting? Try SIP3 for FREE today.

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