Upgrade Guide


The document describes the steps to upgrade the SIP3 solution to a new version. These steps are necessary for quick, successful update without negative outcome.

We recommend upgrading the SIP3 solution using the configuration described in the sip3-ansible project inventory file. We support an update procedure between subsequent versions.

Since release 2023.2.1 requires to use Java Virtual Machine version 17. The SIP3 solution begins to use JVM 17 developed by Adoptium (JRE Eclipse Temurin by Adoptium), which we packaged into sip3-java package for Linux. This package is required for other SIP3 solution packages.

You should pay attention to checking JAVA_HOME variable in the configuration files. The file environment.conf exists in all application of SIP3 solution. Locations: /etc/sip3-{application}/environment.conf (e.g. '/etc/sip3-salto/environment.conf`). JAVA_HOME variable should be setted to /opt/sip3-java.

Example of environment.conf: